MCB GoldLink to 3CX Now Compatible with 3CX 14

Mark Berry February 4, 2016

MCB Systems is pleased to announced that its CRM telephony integration product, MCB GoldLink to 3CX, is now compatible with the latest 3CX version 14.

3CX 14 uses a new version of 3CXPhone for Windows as both a softphone and to provide presence information, call logs, and other feature formerly provided by 3CX MyPhone.

MCB Systems has developed a 3CXPhone add-on called the 3CX Command Line API Plugin that allows 3CXPhone to “talk” to GoldLink. The plugin is included with GoldLink version 4 and is automatically installed and configured when you install GoldLink.

For complete information about MCB GoldLink to 3CX, visit the product page, where you can download a fully-functional 30-day trial. Existing customers can upgrade to GoldLink 4 at a discounted price.


MCB Systems Celebrates 25 Years!

Mark Berry January 3, 2014

Way back in January 1989, fresh off the plane from Germany, I moved to Oceanside, California and hung out my shingle on the ground floor of a rented vacation condo. I’ve never had a better view from my office door!

Oceanside Condo - View from Office

If I have any doubt that it’s been 25 years, I only have to compare pictures from then and now.

October 1989  July 2013

It’s been an eventful ride these last 25 years! I’ve done technical writing, software sales and support, database customization, software development, and I.T. support. I’ve moved three times. I’ve had employees. I’ve worked from an office and from home. I’ve had just one computer and probably as many as ten (I lose count). I’ve traveled on business all over the U.S. as well as to Canada, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Japan, and China. Once I even took a day off!

I’m especially grateful to the many clients who have entrusted MCB with their various technology needs over the years. I hope that I’ve been able to make your use of technology a bit more enjoyable and productive. I look forward to continuing to serve you with integrity and professionalism in the years to come.


Announcing MCB GoldLink to 3CX

Mark Berry July 2, 2012

MCB Systems is pleased to announce the availability of MCB GoldLink to 3CX.

MCB GoldLink to 3CX graphic

GoldLink to 3CX links your GoldMine CRM software with your 3CX phone system. You can auto-dial outbound calls, find GoldMine records of callers based on CallerID, add history items for each each inbound and outbound call, and even add links to recordings made by 3CX.

For more information or to download a free trial, visit the MCB GoldLink to 3CX product page.



Mark Berry June 4, 2011

img-reworkJust finished a great little book called REWORK. About 100 pages of nuggets on how to run a small business, especially a small software company. Many of the suggestions are about keeping the product and the company lean, minimizing distractions, and getting work done.

I was inspired to suggest a paragraph for the section on interruptions (below). I emailed it to the book’s feedback address. A short while later I got a thank-you from Jason Fried, co-author and co-founder of 37signals. Wow, that’s pretty lean when the co-founder is still reading random email feedback. Plus it’s a simple example of acting like a human, letting people know you hear them. These guys might be for real.


Everyone is inundated daily with information. Emails, flyers, magazines, phone calls. Delete, delete, delete. 95% of the stuff you get won’t help your business. Set up a spam filter. Unsubscribe from email lists (you can always visit a web site if you need info). Save a tree: call catalog companies and ask to be removed. Ask business telemarketers to remove your name. Keep the recycle bin next to the mailbox and dump stuff before it ever gets to your desk. Have a favorite trade magazine? Scan the table of contents. If something looks interesting, hold on to it for a few days. If it’s still interesting, read it, else toss it (pack rats, file it so you can toss it later). You may wind up with a desk so clean that you have to do some real work.


Web-Enable Your Custom Software Application

Mark Berry January 5, 2011

MailEnableAdmin Are you using custom software to run your business? Perhaps an older Access or FoxPro application? Or maybe some Excel spreadsheets with custom macros? Ever wonder about converting that to an application that could be accessed as a web site, but still look like a local application?

Or maybe you have data that so far is only accessible to I.T. staff, and you need to open it up to end users via a simple, web-enabled interface?

MCB Systems recently had the opportunity to work on just such a project.


Web Site Grader Rates Your Web Site

Mark Berry September 23, 2010

Web site grade A colleague referred me to this cool tool for rating web sites: The tool evaluates your site on the basis of of several criteria:  blog, links, metadata, domain age, traffic rank, etc.

MCB Systems’ site, created in-house using WordPress, rates 95 as of this writing.

How does your web site rate?


MCB Now Certified in SBS 2008

Mark Berry June 30, 2010

I’ve been a Microsoft Certified Professional for several years. Recently I invested the time to prepare for and take Microsoft exam 70-653. With that successfully behind me, I’m now a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist with a certification in Windows Small Business Server 2008:

MCTS.with specialization

Working with Small Business Server 2008

Certification aside, it’s great to be working with Microsoft Small Business Server 2008. This server software is designed specifically for small businesses from about 5 up to 75 users. It includes a powerful email server with shared calendaring (Exchange), built-in support for mobile devices, SharePoint for collaboration, and remote access capabilities that even the larger server products don’t offer. All this comes in a consolidated, pre-tested package, discounted significantly from acquiring the components individually.


Contact MCB Systems to discuss whether your company would benefit from Small Business Server 2008.


Welcome to the New MCB Systems Web Site!

Mark Berry June 1, 2010

MCB Systems is proud to welcome you to its new web site at The site features new information about our premier I.T. services, MCB Proactive Watch and MCB Proactive Care. There’s also a new Blog especially for San Diego computer users where I’ll post news, tips and tricks, safe computing practices, and more. The Tech Blog is aimed at my colleagues in the I.T. services business and offers insights on more advanced technical issues and their solutions.

The entire web site was created in WordPress. WordPress is one of the web’s most popular blogging platforms, but it also works great as a simple Content Management System (CMS). Contact MCB Systems if you’d like to talk about setting up your own site using WordPress.

Enjoy the new site!



Welcome to MCB Systems!

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