MCB Systems Celebrates 25 Years!

Way back in January 1989, fresh off the plane from Germany, I moved to Oceanside, California and hung out my shingle on the ground floor of a rented vacation condo. I’ve never had a better view from my office door!

Oceanside Condo - View from Office

If I have any doubt that it’s been 25 years, I only have to compare pictures from then and now.

October 1989  July 2013

It’s been an eventful ride these last 25 years! I’ve done technical writing, software sales and support, database customization, software development, and I.T. support. I’ve moved three times. I’ve had employees. I’ve worked from an office and from home. I’ve had just one computer and probably as many as ten (I lose count). I’ve traveled on business all over the U.S. as well as to Canada, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Japan, and China. Once I even took a day off!

I’m especially grateful to the many clients who have entrusted MCB with their various technology needs over the years. I hope that I’ve been able to make your use of technology a bit more enjoyable and productive. I look forward to continuing to serve you with integrity and professionalism in the years to come.

1 thought on “MCB Systems Celebrates 25 Years!

  1. Craig A. Berry

    Congratulations, Mark. I can hardly believe it’s been that long, but the pictures certainly prove it!

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