Move Seiko Smart Label Software to a New Computer

If you install Seiko’s Smart Label Printer for Windows software on a new computer, you’ll want to copy the label library from your old computer. It’s stored in this file:

C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Smart Label Printer\labels.sll

(Thanks to the anonymous comment on June 22, 2017 in this thread.)

Or just use the Label > Library > Export to file… wizard to move the data to the new computer.

6 thoughts on “Move Seiko Smart Label Software to a New Computer

  1. Darrell Bunger

    Export and import doesn’t save any label formatting. Copying the labels.sll file does.

  2. CLD

    7.21.2019 Seiko’s current software looks for and will not load labels.sll (from an older Seiko label printer). I can’t find a converter for SLL to SL and there’s nothing on the Seiko support site. Any tips/suggestions welcome.

  3. George

    Darrell is correct, thanks to the anonymous poster. I have a couple hundred labels and it won’t even save the Title of the label, just the beginning of the 1st line in the label along with a Seiko badge and no formatting when using the Export/Import feature which is totally useless. It takes more time to fix it than making new templates.

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