KVM Extender “Cannot Display This Video Mode”

My Belkin F1D084 ver. 2 Cat5 KVM Extender was working pretty well until I upgraded to Category 6 for the in-wall cables. I was still using Category 5 for the patch cables between the wall and the devices. But now the remote Dell E172FPb monitor was displaying “Cannot Display This Video Mode.” Huh? Is the KVM Extender unable to handle the higher-quality connection? Does it not like the mixture of Cat 5 and Cat 6?

Of course I discovered this on the same day that the server’s NICs and its DRAC were offline, meaning that all three methods of remote control were useless. I had to actually log on to the server at the console. Imagine.

The fix for the KVM extender was a classic Doh! moment:  when replacing a patch cable, push the cable into the KVM Extender until it clicks. The rubber snag guard on the cable was keeping it from sliding in all the way without a little extra push.

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