Can’t Connect to DRAC 5 after Firmware Update

I have a DRAC 5 in a Dell PowerEdge 2900. It was working fine on firmware version 1.51, but I was doing some other server updates so decided to update the DRAC firmware as well.

I downloaded the Windows install package for DRAC firmware version 1.60. The first install failed (because I had an open connection to the DRAC web interface from a browser?), so I ran the update again. This time it succeeded, and although it didn’t ask me to, I rebooted the server.

Unfortunately, I was no longer able to connect to the DRAC from a browser using the custom HTTPS port that I had configured. I tried the default port (443) and got to the login screen, but after entering credentials, it would redirect to the custom port and be unable to connect. It’s like the port configuration was only half effective.

Finally I decided to return the DRAC to the factory default configuration to see if that at least worked. From a command prompt on the server, type:

racadm racresetcfg

Wait a minute and check the config:

racadm getsysinfo

This sets the DRAC back to the default IP of You can use racadm to change that, or just log in to OpenManage on the server and go to System > Main System Chassis > Remote Access > Configuration tab > LAN > IPv4 Address.

You can also do a factory reset and adjust the IP address from the server console if you press Ctrl-E when prompted during bootup.

Sure enough, I was now able to access the DRAC web interface on the default port 443, using the default password of “calvin”.

To change the HTTPS port, from the DRAC web interface (not OpenManage), go to System > Remote Access > Configuration tab > Services > Web Server and change the HTTPS Port Number.

Don’t forget to set a custom password under System > Remote Access > Configuration tab > Users > “root” user.

It’s unclear whether the failed update caused this issue, or whether the firmware update itself does not fully retain the custom HTTPS address. At least the workaround is fairly straightforward. One lesson learned is to note down or print out the configuration before doing a firmware update, in case you have to do a factory reset to get back in business.

4 thoughts on “Can’t Connect to DRAC 5 after Firmware Update

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  2. Fred Phillips

    Today I had an issue where I would connect to the DRAC, get a login screen, authenticate, and then it would load part of the admin screens then jump back to the login screen. I ran my Sniffer on an adjacent box and looked for gratutious ARPs that were out of my subnet. I forgot that was the default. So did the person who plugged in 2 box’s DRAC ports and didn’t bother setting a static IP. I kept jumping from one box to the other because my arp table would change. I also saw this by opening a DOS propt and typing “arp -a’ to see my table; the entry for .120 kept changing… To be able to stay connected to it, I had to set a static arp entry ‘arp -s 00-11-22-33-44-55’ to one of the macs, set a different static, then clear my static arp entry ‘arp -d’ to connect to the remaining box..

  3. Mike Paget

    iDrac 6 express not working on brand new Dell Server-problem was that the config which you were speaking of above, needed the password changed for some reason- default of course is “root” and “calvin” but for some reason if someone has this issue, just go resetting the password should resolve the issue and stop an hour of troubleshooting.

  4. Patrick Vachon

    I had the same problem when upgrading firmware from version 1.51 to 1.60. I just typed the following command to fix the problem without resetting the configuration

    racadm config -g cfgRacTuning -o cfgRacTuneHttpsPort 443

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