Outlook 2013 Slow Autodiscover with Office 365

Mark Berry November 17, 2015

I’m using Outlook 2013 to connect to my Office 356 account. DNS is set up correctly, with autodiscover.mydomain.com pointing to autodiscover.outlook.com. I recently had to re-create my account and it took 20+ minutes to find the Office 365 server.


Office 365 SMTP Relay: What KB2600912 Doesn’t Tell You

Mark Berry June 13, 2013

Yesterday I was trying to set up Office 365 to relay email messages from Line-of-Business applications. I was following the smart-host method described in Microsoft KB2600912:  How to set up an SMTP relay in Office 365. However that article was missing some key pieces of information.


Office 365 Lync vs. Live Messenger for Small Business

Mark Berry January 19, 2012

I’ve used Windows Messenger for years to exchange instant messages with clients, friends, and family. The current iteration of Microsoft’s free IM client, Live Messenger, has been commercialized (displays ads) and doesn’t “feel” very business-like. Since Lync is included with Office 365, I decided to give that a try.


Use Postini with Office 365

Mark Berry December 9, 2011

The hosted Exchange part of Office 365 has been performing pretty well once I got it configured. However, I continue to have issues with Forefront, a separate-but-integrated piece that sits in front of hosted Exchange. Compared to the Google Postini service I used previously, Forefront has given me more spam, false positives, a 3-day wait to see quarantine notices, and a separate quarantine email for each email alias. Since I still have my Postini account, I’ve decided to go back to Postini for spam and virus filtering. Here’s how I set that up.


Office 365, Safe Senders List and You

Mark Berry September 13, 2011

Since moving to Office 365, I’ve been having trouble getting Outlook to treat mail from my own address as safe. Mail sent from my own address (e.g. from server monitoring scripts) keeps landing in my Junk E-Mail folder.


Windows Phone 7 Clobbers Office 365 Safe Senders

Mark Berry September 13, 2011

I set up Safe Senders with Office 365 by uploading a list through Outlook 2010. A few days later, I uploaded an expanded list. But then within 10-20 minutes, the list reverted to my old list? What the heck?


Using Office 365 in an SBS 2008 Environment, Take 2

Mark Berry August 26, 2011

After working with a very helpful Microsoft Support manager, here are some updated suggestions to the problems identified in the first version of this article.


Office 365 Service Request Error

Mark Berry August 25, 2011

Office 365 allows creating service requests through the online portal. Yesterday, after typing in all the details on my issue, when I clicked to Submit the service request, I got this error:



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