MCB GoldLink to 3CX was initially based on GoldPop, a free tool released in 2010. Here are the release notes since the first version of GoldLink.

Version Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Notes 06/21/2012 Initial release. – Intermediate versions omitted here. 06/29/2012 Significant enhancements to functionality, e.g. open history for editing. – Intermediate versions omitted here. 11/28/2012 Significant enhancements to functionality, e.g. search in Additional Contacts,. – Intermediate versions omitted here. 01/08/2016 Add support for 3CX version 14. Release 3CX Command Line API Plugin 01/27/2016 Add info to Registry tab, improve an error message. Release 3CX Command Line API Plugin 02/02/2016 Increase trial period from 15 to 30 days. 02/09/2016 Release 3CX Command Line API Plugin 02/22/2016 Fix link to recording file to strip out “:1” (added by 3CX 14 to the call identifier) from file name. 03/02/2016 Minor enhancements related to GoldMine connection. 03/24/2016 3CX 14 SP3 no longer provides a CallID after an attended transfer. To identify the current recording file, add a new default that instead creates a link to a file created in the last x seconds. Also, allow controlling and viewing the log file for the 3CX Command Line API Plugin from within the GoldLink user interface. 04/09/2016 GoldMine now stores mobile phone numbers in the database field ContSupp.Fax, so include ContSupp.Fax if the users chooses to search Additional Contacts. For this to work, in the SQL database, ContSupp should be indexed on Fax as well as Phone. 09/06/2016 Licensing enhancements, including the ability to run in locales with different date formats. 09/07/2016 Enhancements for handling non-North American phone numbers. 09/08/2016 Release 3CX Command Line API Plugin 09/14/2016 Improve user interface behavior, logging. 09/28/2016 Improve log format. Include 3-digit millisecond in log entries. 09/29/2016 Improve log format. Log DDE commands that take over 1 second. 02/21/2017 Convert from DDE to COM for communicating with GoldMine. COM is available starting in GoldMine 6.7. Optionally log COM calls that take over 1 second. 03/13/2017 Miscellaneous code and user interface cleanup. 11/15/2017 Change the method used to find the newest recording file. Old method took 45 seconds to check 10,000 files; new method takes 0.4 seconds. Add log entries about files searched and duration. Tested with 3CX 15.5 SP2. 3CX 14 is no longer supported. 12/14/2017 Enhance the check for GoldMine to “see” the instance even if it is running with elevated permissions. If so, ask the user to run GoldMine as a non-Administrator. 06/29/2018 When checking for GoldMine instances, only list instances for the current user’s Windows session. This corrects an issue in an RDS (terminal services) environment where would incorrectly raise an error because it did not find the current user’s GoldMine instance. 06/28/2019 Fix a bug that prevented starting GoldLink after the Global “Master Switch” was unchecked to disable GoldLink. Now you can start GoldLink to re-check the Global “Master Switch” and re-enable GoldLink. Tested with 3CX 16 SP1.
No change 10/08/2019 Test with GoldMine 2019.1. Update Troubleshooting section in User’s Guide. Release User’s Guide Rev. 10 on web site. 01/17/2020 Modules updated to use current MCB Systems code-signing certificate. Main version incremented, but no new functionality.