Fake LinkedIn Emails

Today’s suspicious emails supposedly come from LinkedIn. They look authentic, but the links actually take you away to bogus and potentially malicious web sites.

How to tell? Without clicking, hover your mouse over the link. A little popup should show you where the link really points to, i.e. what web site would open if you click on it. If the real link points to a site other than LinkedIn, don’t click on it!

LinkedIn 1

This one’s even easier, as it tells you exactly what the link should be. Since actual link does not match the link shown, you know it’s bogus:

LinkedIn 2

Of course the other clue is that I’ve never heard of these supposed senders.

I’ve gotten three of these in the last five days so they must be on a run.

Second Line of Defense:  Updates

Some sites can load a virus on your computer just by browsing the site, so your best defense is to avoid those sites entirely.

However anyone can land on a malicious site. At that point, your next-best defense is to have a computer that is completely up to date:

  • All Windows updates applied (turn on Automatic Updates).
  • All Adobe Reader and Flash Player updates applied.
  • All Java updates applied.
  • All browser updates applied.
  • Anti-virus program installed and updated daily.

Most viruses will try to exploit vulnerabilities in one of the above. Even if you land on a malicious site, by keeping everything fully updated, you greatly reduce the chance that a virus will succeed in infecting your computer.

2 thoughts on “Fake LinkedIn Emails

  1. Len

    Before anything else, forgive me concerning taking this discussion off course, but my son’s computer system is definitely loaded with viruses, along with I am incredibly leary letting merely any person into our private matters.The most recent company I used swiped some of my hardware, so I want one thats expertly known. Shortly after looking around I reduced it down to this particular one. Could you advise me if you ever have heard of this corporation? The information is as follows [name removed]. Really good looking out!

  2. Mark Berry Post author

    Len – You are right to be cautious but a blog is not the place to vet a local computer store. Please consult your local Better Business Bureau, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to locate a reputable consultant.

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