Office 365 Service Request Error

Office 365 allows creating service requests through the online portal. Yesterday, after typing in all the details on my issue, when I clicked to Submit the service request, I got this error:

“There was a problem processing your request.”

Office 365 Service Request Error

Ironically the only solution offered is to create a Service Request.

As I was talking to Microsoft Support, I realized that this might be similar to the Forefront login error I had been getting. There, the solution was to add the site to the list of Trusted Sites. Sure enough, once I added to the list of Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer 8, I was able to create a Service Request using the online form.

Add to Trusted Sites

1. Under Tools > Internet Options, click on the Security tab, click on Trusted sites, then click on Sites:

Forefront Error 2_thumb[5]

2. Add to the list of Trusted Sites.

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