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Many small businesses wait until something breaks before contacting a computer professional But why let it get that far? Why lose valuable time and money waiting on replacement parts or recreating lost data? Our approach is to set you up with a stable, productive environment, then proactively care for that environment to make sure it stays healthy.

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“Proactive” means we fix issues before they become problems.

What is Proactive I.T. Service?

What’s “proactive service”? It means that we monitor and maintain your technology without waiting for you to call us.

It starts with a small software package that we install on your computers. That software checks your computers’ “vital signs” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If something is coming close to failing, if anti-virus isn’t updating, if backups don’t complete, if your Internet goes down, if a disk drive is getting ready to crash, we get an alert. This gives us the opportunity to respond to the issue before it becomes a problem.

So proactive means:  we are constantly checking on you without waiting for you to get hit with a problem and call us! And because we can fix many issues before they become problems, you get a more stable and secure computing environment.

The other big advantage to proactive services is that by automating processes and keeping computers running optimally, we can offer monitoring and optionally routine maintenance for a predictable, flat monthly fee.

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MCB Systems offers two levels of proactive I.T. service. Get more information here:


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MCB Systems is a San Diego-based provider of software and information technology services.

Our software services include customization and programming to make software work for you.

Our proactive I.T. services help businesses control costs by providing a fixed monthly bill for routine I.T. services.

We take a consulting approach that listens first and provides solutions tailored to your business.

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