MCB Proactive Care is our premium service. It includes the full 24×7 MCB Proactive Watch service plus Management, Remediation, and Help Desk services, all in one bundle.

MCB Proactive Care includes fixing problems and helping users.

There is no better way to keep your systems running at their best!

When you sign up for MCB Proactive Care, we take care of all this for you:

  • Manually apply patches not handled by automatic patching
  • Maintain anti-virus software
  • Manage email accounts (Office 365 or Google Apps)
  • Maintain server and desktop backups
  • Maintain network router, switch, and firewall configurations
  • Maintain device and printer connectivity
  • Set up users on the server or desktop
  • Update operating systems and MS Office (apply service packs)
  • Diagnose hardware issues, coordinate repairs
  • Diagnose Internet issues, coordinate repairs
  • Remediate virus / malware infections
  • Manage one Internet domain name
  • Help with Windows, MS Office programs
  • Assist vendor support of other programs

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Additional Services

MCB Systems can help you with a variety of additional services that go beyond our Proactive Services. Additional Services include:

  • Hardware and software installation
  • Disaster recovery after theft or damage
  • Off-site backup storage and management
  • External email hosting, filtering, or archiving


MCB Proactive Care is billed monthly based on the number of servers and desktops or laptops to be managed. MCB Proactive Care customers receive a preferred rate for Additional Services.

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