April 2017 Monthly Rollup Breaks VB6 App

Mark Berry April 12, 2017

I maintain a client-server database app written in VB6 that uses ADO and COM+/DCOM. After installing the “April, 2017 Security Monthly Quality Rollup,” the VB6 app crashes in msado15.dll and ntdll.dll when trying to write to to the database. Uninstalling the update restores full write functionality. This is verified on Windows 7 x86 and Windows 8.1 x64. The issue is also present in Windows 10 x64 but I’m not testing that further.

Let me know if you encounter a similar issue and if you find a solution!


Windows 7 Slow Updating

Mark Berry December 4, 2016

Windows 7 updating will take forever on a fresh install or if you haven’t updated in a while. This is covered in many online articles but I’m needing it often enough that I wanted to make a couple notes for future reference.


Windows 10 Re-Installs Cumulative Update

Mark Berry November 21, 2016

After finally getting the November 2016 cumulative update to install into Windows 10 (by installng Windows 10 from scratch, twice), I was a bit dismayed today to see that Windows wanted to re-download and re-install the 800MB cumulative update.


When DISM Won’t RestoreHealth

Mark Berry November 19, 2016

I’ve been having trouble installing the Windows 10 cumulative update for November 2016. DISM is supposed to scan or restore your Windows image, as explained in this Technet article. But when I tried DISM /RestoreHealth with both online and local sources, it kept telling me that it couldn’t find sources.


Windows 10 Can’t Install November Cumulative Update

Mark Berry November 19, 2016

Windows 10 Pro 1511 failed repeatedly to install the November 2016 Cumulative Update (KB3198586). So I deleted the partition and installed Windows 10 Pro 1607 from scratch. It also cannot install the update (KB3200970), even if downloaded from the Update Catalog and installed manually.


Windows 10 Does Not Show or Install Optional Updates

Mark Berry August 4, 2016

Remember all those optional updates in Windows 7? Often you could ignore them, but sometimes you might actually want to update all your hardware drivers at once, or even install Silverlight.

In Windows 10, the optional updates are there, but you’ll never see them without PowerShell or an add-on module, and you can only install them one-by-one.


Windows 8.1 Update Scheduling

Mark Berry February 24, 2016

Windows Update on Windows 8/8.1/2012/2012R2 has some confusing behavior.

I’m assuming you’ve installed the 2013 patch 2885694 to get more control over the updates. You’ll probably want to read the WSUS blog article about that patch. But still you may be wondering how updates work without and with group policy.


Print Detailed Windows Update Information

Mark Berry November 12, 2015

Earlier this year, I wrote about how to show and change Windows Update settings on a machine using PowerShell. But sometimes you need to know more about a Windows update than you can see in those scripts or in the Windows user interface, for example the UpdateID. This PowerShell script will print key information about one or more udpates. Run it from a Remote Management tool or directly on the machine you are investigating.



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