StorDiag Errors after Windows 10 Upgrade

I upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro a couple weeks ago. I’ve had ongoing issues with briefly losing connection to my local network. Updating the network card and turning off power management wasn’t enough.

Eventually I noticed that I was getting hundreds of StorDiag errors. They were clumped in groups of about 11 every 10 seconds. Any time I see that many errors at once, I try to track it down because I know that can impact performance.

In the Event Viewer, these errors are buried under Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > StorDiag > Microsoft-Windows-Storage-ClassPnP/Operational. I was getting two errors repeatedly:

504 Completing a failed IOCTL request.
507 Completing a failed non-ReadWrite SCSI SRB request

It’s important to look at the Details of the error. This pointed to a Generic Ultra-HS-SD/MMC device:

StorDiag 1

A little Googling confirms that this is an SD card reader. In my case it’s built in to my Dell U2410 monitor. Here it is in Device Manager:

StorDiag 2

StorDiag 3

It looks like Windows tried to migrate the device during the upgrade to Windows 10 on July 17:

StorDiag 4

I tried updating its driver but it says the latest is already installed:

StorDiag 5

There are several reports online about SD card readers that stopped working in Windows 10. As suggested in this article, I tried the Windows Troubleshooter for hardware, and I tried changing the drive letter of the device. Neither one helped. I did not have access to the original installer files (I believe they are built in to Windows), so I couldn’t try installing the driver in compatibility mode.

At this point I decided to just cut my losses and unplug the SD card reader from the computer. That meant unplugging the Dell monitor’s USB connection. I had to use another USB hub for other devices that had been using the monitor as a hub.

In any case, as soon the Dell monitor with its SD card reader was unplugged, the StorDiag errors stopped. We’ll see if that also helps my intermittent network connectivity issues.

2 thoughts on “StorDiag Errors after Windows 10 Upgrade

  1. Clayton Curtis

    Thanks for the detective work! I have the same problem, except that I’m running Windows 10 under Boot Camp on an Apple mid-2010 27″ iMac — and I don’t have the option of pulling the cable on the built-in SD card reader!! Since I’m getting these pairs of errors >150 times a day, I’d sure like to find a solution.

  2. Mark Berry Post author

    Clayton, do you have the option in Device Manager > Properties > Driver tab to Disable the SD card reader? If not, can you Uninstall the driver and will it stay uninstalled?

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