Visual Studio 2010 Shell Required by VB6

Although they haven’t changed in years, I’m still responsible for a couple Visual Basic 6 apps. My development environment worked great under Windows 8.1, but now that 8.1 is out of support, I decided it was time to upgrade to Windows 10 22H2.

Most things on the machine seem to have survived the upgrade without issues, but when I tried to start VB6, it wanted to reinstall Microsoft Visual Studio Shell (Isolated), and it couldn’t find the media:

1. VS 2010 Shell required to start VB6 under Win10

I’m not sure why or if VS2010 Shell is needed–after canceling the install, VB6 seems to run fine.  But it may be there for some dependency, so I’ll try to get it re-installed rather than uninstalling it.

Long story short, Microsoft offers an installer here, which leads to here, but that was not enough—it kept prompting for media:

2. VS 2010 Shell main installer still wants disk

Finally I went back in my list of installed programs as saw that the VS 2010 Shell was installed around the time I installed SQL 2012 Management Studio. This article confirms that SMSS 2012 installed VS 2010 Shell. Unfortunately, a repair install of SMSS didn’t fix it, but finally by poking around in the extracted files of the SMSS 2012 x64 installer that I still had on hand, I found the folder that VB6 wanted under \1033_ENU_LP\redist\VisualStudioShell\VSSetup:

9. VS Shell installer in SQL 2012 SSMS installer

When I started VB6 and pointed it to that folder, it was able to complete the VS 2010 Shell installation and start successfully.

A. Re-installing when starting VB6

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