Re-Enable 3CX Backup Success Notifications

3CX has a nice backup scheduler that lets you create daily backups. In version 16, you would get an email every day confirming that the backup is successful. If you upgrade to version 18, the success emails stop.

I know a lot of people were clamoring for no more success emails. I prefer to have the success emails—if I don’t get an email, I know something is wrong. I understand that for someone managing a large fleet of 3CX installations, the success emails could get overwhelming. What’s really needed is an independent daemon to check once a day for a successful backup and send an email if it’s missing.

In any case, if you want the success emails again, go to Settings > Email > Notifications tab and tick the box “Notify when Scheduled backups are created successfully.“

3CX Backup notifications 1

Conversely, to turn off failure notifications, you can probably go to Settings > Parameters and set NOTIFY_BACKUP_FAILED to 0, but I wouldn’t recommend that:

3CX Backup notifications 2

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