File Validation Add-In for Office 2007

I’m installing Office 2007 on a Windows 10 virtual machine in the hopes of opening some old Word 5.x files. Windows Update installed quite a few security updates, but the Microsoft Office File Validation Add-in failed with Download error 0x80240023.

Office 2007 1

The first hit when I googled that error code was someone else with the same issue. Of the 78 replies, this one was highlighted as the answer, and worked:

  1. Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download
  2. Find OFV.CAB and extract it. You’ll have OFV.msi
  3. Install it and hit Retry on Windows Update.

Office 2007 2

Sure enough, after the manual installation, the file is no longer offered by Windows Update.

Word 2007 is still not recognizing a Word 5.x file even though it works on another computer (an old Windows XP machine). That’s a separate issue.

7 thoughts on “File Validation Add-In for Office 2007

  1. Ilean

    How do you find the file in there, and how do you go about extracting it?

  2. Mark Berry Post author

    I went to the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder in Windows Explorer, then typed “OFV.CAB” in the Explorer search box. Once found, highlight the file as shown in the screen shot. It shows the contents (just as it would for a .zip file). Drag the OFV.msi file to your desktop to extract it.

  3. Mark Berry Post author

    @Elsabe has provided a link to the File Validation Add-In in the Microsoft Update Catalog. Interesting that that is still out there even though the corresponding KB article 2501584 is gone. The catalog lets you download From there, you can extract OFV.msi. That OFV.msi has an MD5 hash of 6f36f038ac3e7f45e89abb20a45676cc, which matches the MD5 hash of the OFV.msi that I extracted earlier as described in the main article above.

  4. Peter Dornauer

    WOW……very helpful your explanation.
    This error in the update-mechanism of Win10 was bothering me badly and I tried a lot of so called “solutions” in the INet, but I couldn’t get rid of it.
    THX to your explanation, my Win tell me finally again: “You’re up-to-date !! ”

    Again THX from Vienna…you made my day ;-)

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