Change Network Profile to Private Using PowerShell

If you’re fighting with Network Level Authentication (see this post) and need to quickly change a workstation from Public to Private, this should work in PowerShell:


Note the InterfaceIndex of the adapter you want to change, e.g. 13.

Set-NetConnectionProfile -InterfaceIndex 13 -NetworkCategory Private

Credit to this post.

5 thoughts on “Change Network Profile to Private Using PowerShell

  1. Anon

    It’s rare to get the one sheet on tips these days. Thanks!

  2. josh dahle

    i use this a bunch.

    Get-NetConnectionProfile | Set-NetConnectionProfile -NetworkCategory Private

  3. Mark Berry Post author

    @Josh, so you’re piping the output of one to the other. What happens if there are multiple NICs? In other words, if (Get-NetConnectionProfile).GetType() shows that it’s an _array_ of Objects, not just one Object?

    PS C:\> (Get-NetConnectionProfile).GetType()

    IsPublic IsSerial Name BaseType
    -------- -------- ---- --------
    True True Object[] System.Array

  4. anon

    @Mark: @Josh’s command sets *all items in the array* to the specified network category. It’s equivalent to:

    `Get-NetConnectionProfile -InterfaceAlias * | Set-NetConnectionProfile -NetworkCategory Private`

  5. Mark Berry Post author

    Ah got it, thanks. That is nice to have it on one line and not have to manually pick out the InterfaceIndex.

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