Decrypt Error Adopting UniFi Switch

I thought it was a bit odd that a brand new UniFi US-8-60W switch, purchased on Amazon, had some scotch tape holding the outer box to the inner box. I ran adoption from Chrome but it never completed. I SSH’d into the switch. The fact that I was able to get in with the default “ubnt” username and password confirmed that adoption had not completed.

The set-inform had filled in the correct URL, but the Status showed a Decrypt Error:

Decrypt error 1

This 7-year-old post explains the problem:

It seems the AP was adopted by another controller previously. try ‘set-default’ before you do set-inform.

I ran set-default from the command line. After that, I was able to adopt the switch from Chrome.

1 thought on “Decrypt Error Adopting UniFi Switch

  1. S. Sutter

    I had the same issue. After doing a setting-default and the resetting the inform, still cannot adopt….

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