QuickBooks Desktop Won’t Add Payment Link to Email

I subscribe to QuickBooks Payments. I spent hours today trying to get QuickBooks Pro 2018 to add a View and Pay Now link to the bottom of an emailed invoice.

QuickBooks View and Pay 1

The steps in the official helpdesk article didn’t help.

Emailing invoices to other customers worked fine.

When the invoice failed to email, the Windows Application Event Log contained this not-so-illuminating error:

Log Name:      Application
Source:        QuickBooks
Event ID:      4
Task Category: Error
Level:         Error
Description: An unexpected error has occured in “QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018”: Web Exception Interacting with ICN (GetUriFromICN) for Domain ID: INVOICE:12312132123123_7DA4-123123123 – TID – 6a820d38-191b-45fe-c608-75d8f9cf962d Exception: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.

After speaking with multiple Intuit support reps, one suggested deleting and re-adding the customer. Sure enough, an invoice emailed to the new customer (using my email address for testing) included the View and Pay Now link.

So, that’s one workaround:  create a new customer.

Another thing to check is the customer’s email address. I originally copied the address from Outlook in this format:

‘customer’ <name@domain.com>

One time, I duplicated the missing link issue with that format. Removing the name and angle brackets fixed it. Try using just the email address:


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