Un-Brick a Jabra 9470 Headset After a Failed Firmware Update

Updating my 9470’s firmware to 4.7.0 yesterday via Jabra Direct failed. The 9470 screen was white and the 9470 was not listed in Device Manager under “Sound, video and game controllers.”

The Jabra support document How to recover a Jabra PRO or GO touch screen after a failed firmware update.pdf instructs to download the firmware file, which is correct, but the manual update no longer works through Jabra PC Suite.  Jabra support gave me the correct steps:

1. Download the firmware. Do not unzip it.

2. Exit from Jabra Direct.

3. Run the separate program “Jabra Direct Firmware Updater”.

Update September 15, 2020 Recent comments (below) report that this updater is part of Jabra Direct 3 and has been removed from Jabra Direct 4.

4. Apply the firmware to the device.

This un-bricked my 9470.

40 thoughts on “Un-Brick a Jabra 9470 Headset After a Failed Firmware Update

  1. Stefan

    Hi Mark,

    thanks for your blog post. Could you please tell me where I can download the “Jabra Direct Firmware Updater”?


  2. Mark Berry Post author

    Hi Stefan,

    The “Jabra Direct Firmware Updater” is a separate program already installed on my PC. I assume it was installed when I installed Jabra Direct. On Windows 10, the shortcuts for both programs are in this folder:

    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Jabra\Direct

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen


  3. Sławomir Drożdż

    I am unable to see my Jabra on the “Select device to update:” list in Jabra firmware updater – list is empty.
    The device bricked itself during the last firmware update – now I am unable to use it….

    Please help!

  4. Mark Berry Post author

    Sławomir, I’ve found Jabra support to be knowledgeable and helpful. I suggest giving them a call.

  5. bill

    you saved the day. a thousand internet points to you!

  6. Julio M

    Thanks! Indications worked perfectly
    In my case I found the “Jabra Direct Firmware Updater” in the following path:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Jabra\SDKFirmwareUpdater

  7. Dave

    No matter how I try to update the firmware, I get a “headset not docked” message even though the headset is clearly docked.

  8. Mark Berry Post author

    Dave – I’ve found Jabra support to be very helpful. I’d suggest giving them a call. If you find additional information or tricks worth sharing, please post back!

  9. Andres Allpere

    Thank you so much! Worked on my 9450 Duo after a failed firmware update that left the device bricked. I also found C:\Program Files (x86)\Jabra\SDKFirmwareUpdater to be correct for me. Note: the directions on the old support doc again vary from reality in that there is no manual option, once you point the firmware updater at the firmware file, it will proceed with the update.

  10. Abe Wick

    Seconding Andres post – once I found the SDKFirmwareUpdater application C:\Program Files (x86)\Jabra\SDKFirmwareUpdater , I was able to browse to the firmware upgrade zip file for my Jabra PRO 930 and all was fixed!

    Of note I had my Jabra plugged into my docking station and think that was the reason why the firmware upgrade failed in the first place. I ran this process with the USB plugged directly into my laptop.

    To sum up the PDF is old but the basic idea is there – the missing direction is to close Jabra Direct and then run the SDFirmwareUpdater.

    FYI – symptoms before the fix were as follows: Firmware upgrade failed, battery light was a solid violet color and the Jabra Direct application would not recognize that it was plugged in.

  11. Patrick Perron

    Thank you ABE WICK, my headset base was plugged into my dock station, I switched to direct laptop, it worked like a charm. ?

  12. Homer

    Thanks for the post and for the pointing me towards “C:\Program Files (x86)\Jabra\SDKFirmwareUpdater”!

  13. PN

    This link worked for me as well. C:\Program Files (x86)\Jabra\SDKFirmwareUpdate

    Thanks to the instructions above, I was able to unbrick my Jabra evolve 75 successfully.

    Thank you.

  14. Janek

    I had a problems with other Jabra Biz 2400 USB – i used other firmware to update it.
    I tried to use firmware updater but without luck. Then i realized i would need to use USB 2.0 port.
    After a changing computer to older one with USB 2.0 – it worked like charm :)

  15. jemand

    [Editor: this sender’s email address ends in .ch so this is probably Swiss German.]
    alte wer weis wo des feil isch wo alle Bruches für de headset

  16. Faye

    This was very helpful. My firmware update failed, and my device refused to power on.
    After performing the above, it is now alive and well again!

    Thank you very much, Mark Berry.

  17. Joseph Moore

    Thank you so much for this post. I was able to find the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Jabra\SDKFirmwareUpdater” directory and successfully run the firmware update that had failed when I ran the Jabra Direct software. My Jabra Speak 510 now connects to my PC and is working fine again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  18. Donn Harvey

    Thank you for the post. Worked for me! Moved the USB to another port in my computer (not sure why) and then had the first try fail but the second one worked. I am not Unbricked. Thanks.

  19. guyl

    For me Abe Wick made the day.
    I am usually connected via docking station and all other options didn’t work!
    Once connected it directly to the laptop, everything worked smoothly.

  20. Egil Torp

    Thank you, Mark Berry!
    This seems to work for most Jabra products (I’ve tried several; engage 75, evolve 65 and 85, and pro 9470).

  21. Mark

    Thank you a lot, i recovered my 9465. I need to get Jabra Direct 3 to get the Firmware Update exe
    in Jabra direct 4 there is only a commandline FW updater

  22. Sam

    Agree with Mark on August 11, 2020 that I needed to install Jabra Direct 3 to get the firmware update exe. After this, I was able to unbrick.

  23. Mark Berry Post author

    @Mark and @Sam, thanks for the reports. I’ve added a note to the main post to get the firmware updater from Jabra Direct 3. Is that correct?

  24. Daniel

    Had the same issue earlier today. I managed to successfully complete the update using the command line updater found here (c:\Program Files (x86)\Jabra\Direct4\FWU\JabraCmdlineFwUpdater.exe)

    If you run it with “/?” you’ll get the available parameters and some useful examples.
    To get the device id, open the “DeviceInfo.xml” file in the same directory.

    I used this line for my 9470 Mono (sitting in Germany):
    JabraCmdlineFwUpdater.exe -p 1041 -f [PathToFirmwareZip] -alltargets -region 1 -tuneregion 1

    First tries didn’t work.
    In the end I had the Jabra and my laptop rebooted and used an elevated command prompt to get the update applied.

  25. Do

    I tried the command line updater but just couldn’t get it to work. I searched through to the directory where the command line updater said the logs where being saved (here – AppData\Roaming\Jabra). I couldn’t see a Jabra folder but did see 2 Jabra Direct folders and a JabraSDK folder. Within the JabraSDK folder there is a sub folder called Firmware. Within that there is an installer “JabraSDKFirmwareUpdater”. After running that the GUI firmware updater is installed here (\Program Files (x86)\Jabra\SDKFirmwareUpdater). File is called “JabraFwUpdater”. Run that and select your firmware zip and you should be sorted. Fixed my problem.

  26. SK

    D O – You Rock. I was able to recover my Motion Office with what you found. Weird they hid the updater like that. Thanks!

  27. ck

    Finally that worked for me as well.

    As I couldn’t find the Firmware Updater in my Jabra Direct 4.x I had to download the 3.12 Version somewhere on the Jabra website.
    That one included the desired stand-alone-updater which updated and reactivated my base and headset.

    Bit confusing, that the latest Jabra Client fails, and the outdated one works. But..whatever..it works again and for sure I wont update that thing again in future.

  28. Daire

    None of these worked for me but what did work was updating from Jabra Direct from another computer.
    Good luck!

  29. Martyn

    Super Star! This also works form MacOS. Just recovered 9400BS white screen. Search for JabraSDKFirmwareUpdater.dmg in Finder – run through installer. Then find “Jabra Firmware Updater” in Applications and execute. Follow and update the base station completed. BS was plugged directly to computer USB socket. Job done!!

  30. Eize

    Daniel, you rock!! Jabra should include this possibility in it’s documentation

  31. Greg

    for the ones that are stuck with their firmware with Jabra Direct 4, download the firmware (.zip) from Jabra website :

    – click on the Updates tab
    – press, CTRL + SHIFT + U and we will see an option that says, “Update from File” across from your headset
    – Click the “Update from File” option, browse to the zip file in your downloads folder, and press open.

  32. Don

    Once in the Update section of Jabra Direct CTRL+Shift+U will open update “from file” selections. You will need to download the update from Jabra but do not unzip it.

    In some cases, I needed to run the update a few times for it to take.

  33. Randy

    @GREG – Thank you for the CTRL + SHIFT + U tip! I figured there had to be a way to use a manually downloaded firmware update.

  34. Shaun

    Absolutely legendary. Tried updating a Motion UC headset using Direct4, which bricked my headset. I could not get anything working using Direct4, even trying the manual firmware method.
    Downloaded the v3.12 link that Chris Gabardi provided above:
    then followed the manual firmware upgrade method, now the headset is updated and working as expected.
    Many thanks

  35. Al

    I managed to unbrick a Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo using direct4 command:
    1- download firmware from Jabra website (.zip file). Mine is Jabra_Evolve_65-v2.97.0-duo-vector.zip and I
    downloaded it from https://www.jabra.ca/supportpages/jabra-evolve-65#/#6599-829-409
    2- copy firmware (do not unzip it) to folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Jabra\Direct4\FWU
    3- Connect your jabra device to a USB port
    4- You need now to find your device instance Id. Run device manager, expand “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”, right click on your Jabra device, choose properties, then “Event” tab, and in “Information” you should find InstanceId. It should look like ‘USB\VID_0B0E&PID_094E\745C4B579100’
    5- Open a Powershell windows (I tried command prompt but did not work). then go to the folder in step 2, using the following command:
    cd ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Jabra\Direct4\FWU\’
    6- Now run the following command:
    .\JabraCmdlineFwUpdater.exe -instanceid ‘USB\VID_xyz……’ -f firmware.zip -l -logname.txt

    For my Jabra, this is the command I run:
    .\JabraCmdlineFwUpdater.exe -instanceid ‘USB\VID_0B0E&PID_094E\745C4B579100’ -f Jabra_Evolve_65-v2.97.0-duo-vector.zip -l -logname.txt

    IMPORTANT: the update might fail. Keep trying until it reaches 100% success. I tried 14 times until it succeeded.

  36. O.T.

    CNTRL + Shift + U will show the “Update from File” button in Jabra Direct 6.

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