Move the Users Share in SBS 2011

For some reason, SBS 2011 set up the UserShares under C:\Users\Share. I wanted it to be with all the other shared folders under C:\Data. The wizard only allows moving the share to a different drive. Here’s what worked to move it to a different folder on the same drive.

1. In the SBS console, under Shared Folders and Web Sites > Shared Folders, highlight UserShares and choose Stop sharing this folder.

2. From an administrative command prompt:

robocopy C:\users\Shares C:\Data\UserShares /mir /copyall

Note that the /copyall copies the special permissions needed for the root folder and the individual users’ shares.

3. In the SBS console, under Shared Folders and Web Sites > Shared Folders, create a new UserShares share pointing to C:\Data\UserShares. Assign special share permissions:  Everyone gets Full Control, Change, and Read.

4. From this thread, I figured out that the following registry path needs to be updated to point to the new share.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SmallBusinessServer\Storage\SharedRootPath – change to %systemdrive%\Data\UserShares

5. Test the access to user shares from a client computer. Make sure that the user can access their own share but no one else’s.

6. In the SBS console, create a new user. Make sure there are no errors and that a new subfolder is created under C:\Data\UserShares with the proper permissions. Then delete the test user and make sure the shared folder is deleted.

7. Delete the old C:\Users\Shares folder.

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