Leave Everything to Us

If you’ve recently upgraded your Windows 10 PC, you may have seen Microsoft telling you during the upgrade to “Leave everything to us”:

Win10 upgrade

Kind of reminiscent of the way people used to think about doctors:  “just leave everything to them, they know what’s best.”

My recommendation:  ignore that. Do not leave everything to Microsoft. Be especially careful about applying Microsoft updates, which have caused all kinds of grief this year. Check for advice on www.askwoody.com. Engage a computer professional who stays on top of Microsoft updates. Contact us.

5 thoughts on “Leave Everything to Us

  1. ZenOne

    Sage wisdom Mark! I can’t even count the hours wasted on Microsoft updates breaking systems this year.

  2. TRIP

    I thought I was getting hacked when that text appeared. Sketchy af!

  3. TRIP

    I was positive that my laptop was being hacked / taken over when I got this screen so I immediately shut it down. Now it doesn’t start up anymore. Thanks Microsoft!, idiots! However, how do I get it running again?!

  4. Mark Berry Post author

    Trip, if you initiated the upgrade, or if it was an automatic upgrade, it’s a normal message and you should not turn off the machine. There are various recovery methods if the machine won’t start, e.g. you might be able to boot from installation media. Take it to a trusted computer store if you’re not sure what to do.

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