Windows 10 Cannot Connect to Remote Desktop Gateway

I’m setting up a new Windows 10 computer, currently at 1709 Build 16299.192. It is unable to connect to a Server 2012R2 machine running Remote Desktop Gateway.

One long thread said the culprit was likely the QuickBooks ABS printer:

QuickBooks printer

However after removing that printer, the problem persisted.

A much shorter thread suggested adding a REG_DWORD registry key:

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\RDGClientTransport

with a value of 1.

After adding that value, connection to the Remote Desktop Gateway immediately started working again.

If you google “RDGClientTransport”, you’ll find lots of people having trouble connecting their Windows 10 machine to a Remote Desktop Gateway, usually after a Windows 10 update. So far, I haven’t found a thread that explains what “RDGClientTransport” does nor why it is needed.

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