GoldMine Pending Tab Preview Won’t Stay Hidden

In GoldMine 2015.2.0.208, I was having trouble getting the Preview Pane to stay hidden on the Pending tab. Also, the column widths kept reverting to some default and the Filter kept showing as active although I wasn’t filtering for anything.

After much fumbling about, I think this is the quickest way to fix that:

  1. Close GoldMine.
  2. Open your <username>.ini file. Save a backup of the file.
  3. Move (cut and paste) the [PendingTab] and [PreviewPane_RecObjPending] sections to the top of the file. Save the file.

Now, when you make adjustments to the Pending tab in GoldMine, the changes should be saved and read the next time you open GoldMine.

I’m not sure why this works:  either my .ini file is too long, or there is corruption partway through that keeps GoldMine from reading the Pending tab configuration when it is too far down in the file. Moving those two sections to the top solves it in any case.

Here for reference are the two sections with my preferred configuration:


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