Update TeamViewer ID in MaxFocus Remote Management

On one machine running TeamViewer (not Take Control), the TeamViewer ID changed. Not sure why but it may have to do with having installed a new network card in the machine.

The MaxFocus Remote Management dashboard was still trying to connect to the old TeamViewer ID. You can check this by saving the tvcontrol.tvc file that is launched from the Max RM dashboard and opening it in Notepad.

LogicNow tech support suggested deactivating TeamViewer integration on all devices or re-installing the agent on the device in question.

I decided to try to modify it manually. Here’s how:

1. Run Notepad as an Administrator.

2. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent\settings.ini. The TeamViewer ID is on this line:


3. Change that number to the new 9-digit ID.

4. Save settings.ini.

5. Run Checks on the machine from the Max RM dashboard.

Once the settings have been uploaded, you should once again be able to launch TeamViewer from the dashboard to connect to the machine.

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