Install MAXfocus Agent over Network with PsExec

I blogged earlier about how to Install GFI MAX Agent via Startup Script. But what if you want to quickly deploy the agent without rebooting the machine? And someone is logged on to the machine so you can’t access its desktop?

This assumes that the machine is in a domain environment and that the proper group policies are set up to allow remote management. In other words, you can run commands remotely.

1. Log on to another machine on the client network (can be a server).

2. Extract Systinternals PsTools to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Sysinternals folder.

3. (Optional) From the MAXfocus dashboard, right-click on another workstation at the client site and create a Monitoring Installation Template. Then, choose Settings > Monitoring Installation Templates > Set Default Templates. Choose Workstations and the client site. Change the Setting to On and set the Workstation Default to the template you just created. This will “push” the template’s settings onto the new agent.

4. From the MAXfocus dashboard, choose Agent > Download Agent > Download Site Installation Package. Provide your password, choose the site where the machine is located, then download a Remote Worker Installer. Extract the .exe file and rename it to AdvMonAgent_Installer.exe. Save it to a network-accessible path at the client site, e.g. \\Server01\Install\Advanced Monitoring Agent.

5. Open an administrative command prompt. Run the following command to install the agent on \\Workstation01.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Sysinternals\psexec.exe" \\Workstation01 -s -h -accepteula "\\Server01\install\Advanced Monitoring Agent\AdvMonAgent_Installer.exe"

Note that -s means runs as System and -h runs with elevated permissions.

6. You should see the workstation appear in the dashboard. You can also open Services, connect to the remote computer, and confirm that the Advanced Monitoring Agent is running.

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