Skype Password Token Is Not Recognized

So you’ve gotten rid of Microsoft Messenger and switched to Skype. But you forgot your password, and now Skype has you in an infinite loop of “Sorry that password token is not recognized.” What to do?

The Skype community is full of reports of this error. One post gave me the clue I needed:  “I am not so sure that Skype’s password reset facility is capable of handling anything but passwords associated with SKYPE IDs.”

Sure enough, by switching first to Sign in with … Microsoft account, I was directed to the Windows Live password reset page. Once reset there, I could log on to Skype with the Microsoft account.

In fact, I may not have forgotten my password after all. Silly me, I was using the Skype logon screen to log on to Skype instead of first going to the Microsoft logon screen.

Bottom Line

Ex-Messenger users must click click on Microsoft account before attempting to log on or reset their password.

The Story in Pictures

The screen shots below document the issue and solution.

When you start Skype, you’ll probably get this blue logon screen:

Skype 1

If you click Problems signing in on the screen above, you are directed to the Skype password reset page:

Skype 2

You’ll get an email, but when you click on the link in the email, or even when you enter the code manually, you’ll get the message “Sorry that password token is not recognized”:

Skype 3

If you try enough times, you’ll get another message that you won’t be able to try again for another 24 hours:

Skype 4

The solution is to first click on Microsoft account:

Skype 5

Then click on Can’t access your account:

Skype 6

You’ll get this recommendation:

Skype 7

Visit, enter your Windows Live ID (the one you have from Microsoft Messenger), and enter the annoying Captcha phrase. If it works, you’ll see options for resetting your password:

Skype 9

Follow the remaining prompts to log in to Windows Live in the browser. After that you should be able to log on to Skype with the Windows Live ID.

Just remember, if you’re on the blue Skype logon screen, click on Microsoft account first to get to the Microsoft logon screen.

Update January, 22, 2014:
Log On Using Old Skype Account

Some comments have asked how to get back to the old Skype logon.

1. Make sure you’re running the current version of Skype.

2. If you are signed in, from the Skype menu, choose Sign Out.

3. If the screen is asking for a Microsoft account, in the lower left corner, click on Sign in with a different account.

Skype 10

4. Click on Skype Name.

Skype 11

After that, you can choose your old Skype account from a drop-down and log on.

15 thoughts on “Skype Password Token Is Not Recognized

  1. Scott

    I am a former Messenger user with the login issue you describe, this is great info, thanks! Though my blue Skype logon screen does not list the Microsoft Account and Facebook login options as your screen shot shows. I see only a button that says “Create new account”. I created an account on another PC and I expect to be able to use it anywhere Skype is installed. This transition is not without its issues.

  2. Mark Berry Post author

    Scott – the ability to log in to Skype with a Microsoft account is a recent feature. I suspect you need to upgrade Skype to the latest version.

  3. Theo

    This may be the case for some users, however I created an account for my father using the link from the skype app, and therefore directly through the skype website.

    I used his email address to create it, so I thought that the above solution was possibly a fix as MS have a tendency to do a lot of things without asking and so merging his Skype and Live account could be possible.

    When I logged into the skype website using his MS account, however, it took me straight to the “Merge accounts” page which then, again, required his Skype password, which he has forgotten, and this leads back to the same Loop – Password Reset Token not recognized.

    Any thoughts – besides incompetence?

  4. Mark Berry Post author

    Theo, my problem was trying to get back into Skype using a Microsoft account (which is an email address). It sounds like you need (first) to get into “plain old” Skype without the MS account. Try this:

    1. Get to the solid blue screen like my first screen shot above.
    2. Enter his Skype name (_not_ his email address).
    3. Click on “Problems signing in?” You’ll see a page like my second screenshot.
    4. Enter the email address associated with the old Skype account.

    Let us know if that helps or if you find another solution!

  5. Jasmine

    Hi I was able to merge my microsoft account with my skype account however I am still unable to log onto the actual skype account? Any ideas where I went wrong or what to do? Thanks

  6. Mark Berry Post author

    Jasmine, the only thing I can suggest is what I told Theo in my previous comment: make sure you are trying from the solid blue Skype logon page. Does that work?

  7. Amy

    I was so glad to find your answer to this incredibly annoying problem with skype.

    However, I tried your instructions and I never receive an email or a text with a password reset. (I have tried both options). I have checked my junk mail folder.

    Then I realized that I have had this problem with hotmail before. I have tried the forgot/reset password option and had the same problem…I never get an email or code to my phone.

    Any ideas?

  8. Mark Berry Post author

    Sorry, if you’re not receiving email or texts, I have no idea. Try contacting Microsoft, I guess.

  9. kegs

    Thank you, I have spent the last 3 days trying to get into my Skype account, I have read more about Skype than I ever wanted to,with no results to help fix the problem.I followed your directions and am now on my Skype account again.Thanks mate.

  10. ZIGA

    Hi guys,

    can someone please help me, I have read your posts and I believe I have same problem as Jasmine above.
    I always had my personal skype and now I wanted to add a Microsoft account (which i will use for some clients).
    So, I logged out from my personal skype and logged into the Microsof one (email based). Then I logged out from this one and wanted to log in back to my old account. Supposingly I wasnt able to login and all pasword reset tokens are not working. I read a lot now about this, but I am still not sure what to ACTUALLY do. Can you please help, I need my account today!

    Thank you very much!

  11. Mark Berry Post author

    ZIGA – I’ve added a section at the end of the post about going back to your old Skype account (“Update January 22, 2014: Log On Using Old Skype Account”). Let us know if that helps.

  12. jim mccann

    I was trying to merge my android phone Skype app, with my PC desktop Skype which is linked to my Facebook account,
    I haven’t had to sign in on my PC since I’m automatically signed in through Facebook – or I should say WAS, but that convenience is now gone, since I’ve had the problems with the failed ‘tokens’.

    I would love it if someone could help, but the access to real customer support means signing up with a new account.
    I guess when i calm down from this endless circle of inaccessibility, I could do that.

  13. Mark Berry Post author

    Jim, I never noticed the Facebook login option, but after a little research, it looks like it’s not supported on Android (search “skype android facebook login”). You’ll probably have to log on to Skype with a Microsoft account on your PC, re-add (or maybe migrate?) all your contacts to it, then access that logon from your phone.

  14. Kavintha

    im From Sri Lanka
    i cant rest my Skype Password
    they Always saying
    ” Sorry but due to security reasons you are limited to the number of temporary codes received each day. You have reached that limit today, Please try again in 24 hours.”
    i have tried after a week… but the result is same… :(
    Plz……. Help me……. :”(

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