Hallmark Sound Card Yields CMOS Battery!

Feeling proud of myself today in a McGiver-ish kind of way ;).

You know those semi-fun, semi-annoying Hallmark birthday cards with sound? The ones that make you wonder whether it's worth spending five bucks on a birthday card?

Well I was about to toss one today when I thought, hmm, I live in California, I'm not supposed to toss batteries in the trash. So I ripped open the card to pull out the battery and lo and behold, it's a Newsun CR2032 3V Lithium battery. CR2032 is the size of the CMOS battery in all the Dell computers I've checked. Sure enough, it's working fine as a replacement in an old Dimension desktop.

Woo-hoo! Free CMOS battery! Now, I wonder what I should to with the miniature speaker that was in the card…

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