Virtualization, Source Control, and Bug Tracking

I attended the San Diego .NET Developer Group on Tuesday. Nick Pearce gave a great presentation on how to use virtual machines as a developer. I jotted down a few notes on topics he and others mentioned.


Some random notes: 

  • Nick is moving from Virutal PC to VMWare for the dual-monitor support.
  • Remember to turn on hardware virtualization support in your computer's BIOS. Some (like my Thinkpad) disable that by default. 
  • A quad-core processor might help performance with multiple virtual machines.
  • Use a separate disk drive for a differencing volume to reduce contention.
  • You can clone a PC image, but use SysPrep or (XP only) NewSID to fix the SID in the clone.

Source Control

Several products were mentioned:  SourceGear Vault, PerForce, Subversion.

Bug Tracking

More products here:  FogBugz (integrates wtih PerForce), Trac, BugTrac, Mingle

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