NetDiag Warns about NetBT Errors Because Messenger Service Not Running

System and Configuration

I manage a server running Windows 2003 R2. This is a single-server network.
The server acts as an Active Directory controller and as a DNS server. There is one NIC with a fixed IP. The NIC is connected to a switch, which is connected to a router for
Internet access.

The Workstation service starts automatically and is running.

The Messenger service is disabled.

In TCP/IP Properties, WINS tab, there are no WINS addresses listed. LMHOSTS lookup is enabled. NETBIOS over TCP/IP is also enabled.

NetBT Warnings

A few weeks ago, I re-installed the NIC while trying to resolve another issue. That issue is gone, but I still have these NetBT warnings in my NetDiag.log:

        NetBT name test. . . . . . : Passed
            MYSERVER        <00>  UNIQUE      REGISTERED
            MYSERVER        <20>  UNIQUE      REGISTERED
            MYDOMAIN        <00>  GROUP       REGISTERED
            MYDOMAIN        <1C>  GROUP       REGISTERED
            MYDOMAIN        <1E>  GROUP       REGISTERED
            MYDOMAIN        <1D>  UNIQUE      REGISTERED
            ..__MSBROWSE__.<01>  GROUP       REGISTERED
            MYDOMAIN        <1B>  UNIQUE      REGISTERED
        [WARNING] At least one of the <00> 'WorkStation Service', <03> 'Messenger Service', <20> 'WINS' names is missing.


NetBT name test. . . . . . . . . . : Passed
   No NetBT scope defined
    [WARNING] You don't have a single interface with the <00> 'WorkStation Service', <03> 'Messenger Service', <20> 'WINS' names defined.


I made two temporary changes:

  1. First I enabled and started the Messenger service.
  2. Second, I went into TCP/IP properties, WINS tab, and added the local server's IP as a the WINS server.

At this point, when I ran netdiag again, I got a WINS resolution error because WINS is not even installed on the server. However, the warnings above went away.

When I reversed my changes (removed the WINS server and disabled the Messenger service), the warnings re-appeared.

When I just re-enabled the Messenger service but not WINS, the netdiag warnings were gone again, and the WINS tests were skipped.


The warnings occur when the Messenger service is not running. Since I prefer not to run the Messenger service, I'll just ignore the warnings.

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