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Finally bloggin…

I'm old school, I guess. I love gadgets, but I still think of computers mostly as tools for work. I don't play video games. I don't listen to digital music. I rarely IM and I never text. And until today, I've never blogged.

So why start? Details. I've been finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of all the technical details that it takes to be in the computer business these days. Working in both IT administration and development adds to the confusion–one day I may be reconfiguring a network card; the next I'm researching the best way to trap errors in a C# program. For my own reference, I need a way to log the various sites and nuggets of information that I dig up.

I've tried building an internal web site for this kind of info, but that's pretty tedious. Maybe blogging will be easier, and therefore more frequently used. If I can occasionally share something that others find useful, so much the better.

I looked at a few free and paid blogging sites, but in the end, I decided to host the blog on my own site using a pretty cool open source .NET blog engine called, uh, BlogEngine.NET.

Let me know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Mark’s Small Business Developer Blog

  1. Mark B

    Thanks Mads! You’ve built a nice little application here. Hope you don’t mind what I’ve done to your theme ;).

  2. billyjack

    Hi Mark, are you on a windows 2003 server to sql 2000 server? or are you using the xml?
    Thanks in advance….

  3. Mark Berry


    This site is hosted on Small Business Server 2003 Premium. Even though SQL is available, the BlogEngine installation is currently just using XML.

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