Tomato Shibby Ports Backward on E2000

Mark Berry April 27, 2016

Today I converted from a Toastman build of Tomato router firmware to the latest Shibby build (136) on the Linksys E2000. I used a spare E2000 device so I could copy configuration values (mostly manually). Then I carefully unplugged one cable at a time from the Toastman router and plugged them in to the same ports on the Shibby router. I couldn’t even ping the router!


Configure a WDS Bridge on a Tomato Guest VLAN

Mark Berry March 24, 2012

I’ve been happily using my Tomato router with a guest wireless VLAN isolated from my main wired LAN. I described the setup here. Now, I want to bridge a second router using the Wireless Distribution System (WDS). Setting up a Netgear WGT624v3 as the bridged router was a challenge in itself, so I wrote that up here. But once I got bridge mode working, I was somewhat alarmed to find that the bridged router was getting IP addresses from the main (supposedly secure, wired) LAN, not from the wireless VLAN, even though it was connected wirelessly! Especially considering that bridged mode on the Netgear only works with WEP security, I definitely needed to get the bridged router off the main VLAN and onto the guest wireless VLAN.


Use a Netgear WGT624v3 as a Bridge

Mark Berry March 24, 2012

There are several articles and lots of confusion on this topic out there. Here is what worked for me.

First, let’s clarify terms.



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