Action Pack Now Has 10 Support Incidents

Mark Berry November 13, 2015

Not sure if this is news to anyone else, but Microsoft Action Pack now includes 10 support incidents for any supported product—see the Core benefits page.

To confirm, I called Partner support at (800)676-7658 and asked for Technical Support. A Partner Technical Router (that’s a human being, not a network device) pointed me to where you can start an incident for any product:

MS Support 1

Testing it out, I came to this Create an incident – select a payment option page. The rep had me select Use my existing contract (AccessID), the Use another contract. He proceeded to create an Access ID and Contract ID, which I typed in:

 MS Support 2

After clicking on Add, the MAPS 10-pack appeared as a contract option:

MS Support 3

More info in this Microsoft knowledge base article:  Using Access and Contract IDs to create support incidents (KB3020636).

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