3CX 15 Tunnel Not Listening

Mark Berry January 13, 2017

TL;DR If your 3CXPhone app and/or your desktop phone are not able to connect to a remote 3CX server, test connectivity to the server on 3CX tunnel port 5090. If there’s no connection, on the server, check if anything is listening on that port. If not, restart the 3CX SIP/RTP Tunneling Service.


Set Up VLANs with Tomato and a Cisco Small Business Switch

Mark Berry January 6, 2017

I blogged five years ago about setting up guest wireless with Tomato. For that, I just plugged a separate switch into a router port dedicated to the wireless VLAN. Worked great. But now I need separate VLANs for access points, phones, and cameras connected one 24-port PoE switch, i.e. one router port must pass traffic for multiple VLANs. Here’s how I set that up.


Read Registry from Restored Backup

Mark Berry January 2, 2017

I mentioned this in an earlier thread but wanted to put it in its own short article.

Sometimes you need to get data from an earlier version of the registry. For HKEY_CURRENT_USER, that means restoring and reading C:\Users\<username>\ntuser.dat.


GoldMine Pending Tab Preview Won’t Stay Hidden

Mark Berry December 31, 2016

In GoldMine 2015.2.0.208, I was having trouble getting the Preview Pane to stay hidden on the Pending tab. Also, the column widths kept reverting to some default and the Filter kept showing as active although I wasn’t filtering for anything.


Windows 7 Slow Updating

Mark Berry December 4, 2016

Windows 7 updating will take forever on a fresh install or if you haven’t updated in a while. This is covered in many online articles but I’m needing it often enough that I wanted to make a couple notes for future reference.


Windows 10 Post-Install Tasks

Mark Berry November 28, 2016

Due to problems installing a cumulative update, I decided to delete my Windows partition and install Windows 10 Pro x64 1607 from scratch.

Windows 10 does an amazing job of finding and installing hardware drivers—usually the first thing you have to do after an OS install. I was able to skip that, but there are still a few things that need to be tweaked to get a stable, recoverable system. Here are my notes on what to do after the install.


Convert a Cisco 1130AG Access Point from LWAPP to Autonomous Mode

Mark Berry November 26, 2016

A Cisco 1130AG access point died. Model AIR-LAP1131AG-A-K9. Bought a replacement on eBay. The eBay one was running the Lightweight Access Protocol (LWAPP). Here’s how I got it back to Autonomous Mode so I could configure it.


Re-Install OmniPage Ultimate 19

Mark Berry November 22, 2016

I recently re-installed Windows 10 Pro and needed to get my OmniPage Ultimate 19 software working like it was before. I had a file system backup but had not otherwise saved or exported settings. I use OmniPage with a Brother MFC-8810DW printer/scanner—see notes on that install here. Here are the notes on how I re-installed and re-configured OmniPage.



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