Database Server Backup to Hybrid Onsite/Cloud FAIL

Mark Berry November 14, 2016

This is a very instructive nightmare:


Test and Fix SQL Connectivity

Mark Berry September 21, 2016

After server and workstation reboots, a database application that I use every day would not start. It displayed this message:

SQL Server does not exist or access denied


SQL 2000 Management from Windows 8.1

Mark Berry September 29, 2014

I maintain a legacy application running on SQL 2000 under Server 2003. I’m migrating my VB6 development environment from XP to 64-bin Windows 8.1. I wanted to continue using SQL Management Utilities from the new dev machine.


Connect to SQL Server 2012 Express Over the Network

Mark Berry December 18, 2012

I’ve recently installed SQL Server 2012 Express SP1 under Windows Server 2012 Essentials. I’m using it to host GoldMine CRM databases. There is so much information about network and firewall access, I wanted to write down what worked for me.


Connecting to Microsoft Internal Database SSEE

Mark Berry April 2, 2011

Under SBS 2008, the SharePoint installation uses the Microsoft Internal Database (SSEE) as its SQL store. If you ever need to work on this SQL instance, you’ll need to use SQL Server Management Studio Express to connect (using a named pipe) to \\.\pipe\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE\sql\query.

But what if you get a “Login failed” message when you try to connect?


Best RAID and Cluster Size for a Small Server

Mark Berry July 8, 2010

What’s the best disk setup on a small business server?

I recently got to play around with some options as I set up a Hyper-V host on a Dell PowerEdge 2900 with a PERC 5/i RAID controller. Here are some things I learned along the way.



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