Manage delayed_job on Elastic Beanstalk

Mark Berry March 5, 2015

With huge thanks to this post by Daniel Viklund, I want to share some notes and code about how I am managing delayed_job on a Rails 3.2.16 app deployed on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.


Convert a Select Drop-Down Box to an Autocomplete in Rails

Mark Berry October 30, 2012

I created a nice select drop-down box in Ruby on Rails 3.2.8 using SimpleForm 2.0.2 and Twitter Bootstrap 2.0.3, with authentication from CanCan 1.6.8. Since there are quite a few values in the selection list, I thought it would be nice if the user could make a selection using an autocomplete field instead. Since it’s Rails, it’ll be an easy change, right? Hoo boy.


Postgres Error: Trigger is a System Trigger

Mark Berry September 13, 2012

All I wanted to do was test a little JavaScript.

I’m working on my Ruby on Rails app:  Rails 3.2.8, Rspec 2.11.0, Capybara 1.1.2, and Postgres 8.4.

I added an Rspec/Capybara test that required JavaScript. I added the necessary :js => true to the test’s define header. But when the web page opened in Firefox (using the default Capybara Selenium driver), I could see that my test data wasn’t there.



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