3CX SBC Invalid signature received: 0x10317

Mark Berry February 23, 2017

I’m using 3CX Session Border Controller (SBC) 15.0.56341 to connect to a 3CX v15 SP4 server running on Server 2012 R2 in the cloud. Usually it works fine. A couple days ago, though, even after re-starting the SBC, I was getting the error "Invalid signature received: 0x10317".


Azure Backup Agent Points to Wrong Update

Mark Berry February 13, 2017

When the Azure Backup Agent program says an update is ready, it will provide a link. Today, the link points to http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=229525, which redirects to KB3196148, which is the October 2016 update that we are already running.


Script to List File Space by Date

Mark Berry February 10, 2017

After setting up a Network Video Recorder recently (using Milestone XProtect Essentials software), I needed a way to add up and compare how much disk space is being used for each day of recordings. Without this information, there is no easy way to see what effect various settings have on disk space (e.g. frames per second, motion sensing, etc.). And because there are often tens of thousands of files per day, Windows Explorer balks at filtering the files by date and summing their space.


Find Comodo Root and Intermediate Certificates

Mark Berry February 6, 2017

Finding Comodo root and intermediate certificates can be a challenge. If you start with Google, you might find a promising knowledge base article with a direct link, but then be unable to find the certificates behind your certificate.


Zoiper’s Missing User Interface Labels

Mark Berry January 31, 2017

I have been trying to set some advanced options in a Zoiper Biz 3.13 account but I could not find four options that are described in the Help (Use DTMF, Transport, SRTP, and STUN).


Use a Gmail Account for Customer Alerts

Mark Berry January 28, 2017

An important part of being a Managed Service Provider is getting alerts from customer software and devices. I’ve been streamlining this lately and like this approach.


XProtect Essential Event Names Issue

Mark Berry January 18, 2017

In XProtect Essential 2016 R3, I’m configuring a six-camera system. I want to use the cameras’ built-in motion detection, but after setting that up on the first camera, I could not get XProtect to accept any further event definitions. I kept getting the useless message, “One or more settings are invalid.”


3CX 15 Tunnel Not Listening

Mark Berry January 13, 2017

TL;DR If your 3CXPhone app and/or your desktop phone are not able to connect to a remote 3CX server, test connectivity to the server on 3CX tunnel port 5090. If there’s no connection, on the server, check if anything is listening on that port. If not, restart the 3CX SIP/RTP Tunneling Service.


Set Up VLANs with Tomato and a Cisco Small Business Switch

Mark Berry January 6, 2017

I blogged five years ago about setting up guest wireless with Tomato. For that, I just plugged a separate switch into a router port dedicated to the wireless VLAN. Worked great. But now I need separate VLANs for access points, phones, and cameras connected one 24-port PoE switch, i.e. one router port must pass traffic for multiple VLANs. Here’s how I set that up.


Read Registry from Restored Backup

Mark Berry January 2, 2017

I mentioned this in an earlier thread but wanted to put it in its own short article.

Sometimes you need to get data from an earlier version of the registry. For HKEY_CURRENT_USER, that means restoring and reading C:\Users\<username>\ntuser.dat.



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