Gigabit Switch Spanning Tree Causes Slow Logon

Mark Berry February 8, 2010

I recently installed a Dell PowerConnect 2824 switch, my first foray into managed switches and gigabit networking. I blogged earlier about how to set it up and how to use it for bandwidth monitoring.

The client where I installed the switch reported that an XP workstation (a Dell OptiPlex 755 with a gigabit NIC) was extremely slow to log on immediately after a reboot. Like five minutes or more slow. Once the logon did finally complete, I saw that a logon script had failed to map network drives, although I could map them manually. The issue did not seem to happen on older workstations with 10/100 NICs.


Monitor Bandwidth with PRTG and a PowerConnect 2824 Switch

Mark Berry January 3, 2010

The previous post described basic setup of the Dell PowerConnect 2824 switch. One of the reasons I bought this switch is its ability to “mirror” a port. This allows a properly-configured computer to sniff all the packets going through the mirrored port. If you mirror the port that goes to your external router, you should be able to monitor all the traffic between your router and all internal computers.

Setting up the switch and the free PRTG Network Monitor was pretty easy. Setting up the computer itself (an old Windows XP Home box) took some fiddling. Here in brief are the steps.


Setting Up a Dell PowerConnect 2824 Switch

Mark Berry December 30, 2009

I recently purchased a Dell PowerConnect 2824 switch for use at a client site. The switch has some great features for the price, but the setup instructions are very wrong. I finally gave up and called Dell Support. As soon as the technician saw the 28xx model number, he knew why I was calling; he said about 75% of the calls on these models are due to the incorrect documentation.



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