Script to List File Space by Date

Mark Berry February 10, 2017

After setting up a Network Video Recorder recently (using Milestone XProtect Essentials software), I needed a way to add up and compare how much disk space is being used for each day of recordings. Without this information, there is no easy way to see what effect various settings have on disk space (e.g. frames per second, motion sensing, etc.). And because there are often tens of thousands of files per day, Windows Explorer balks at filtering the files by date and summing their space.


Script to Check Current Firewall Profile

Mark Berry September 21, 2016

As mentioned in this post, I recently had a server unexpectedly show up with a Public firewall profile, which caused database connection issues. I decided to write a little script to confirm that the server has a Domain Profile.


Unlock an Account from the MaxRM Remote Command Line

Mark Berry May 22, 2016

The MaxRM Remote Command Line presumably operates in the context of the MaxRM agent service’s logon, which by default is SYSTEM. It’s unlikely (or perhaps not possible) to lock out the SYSTEM account.

If you can open the MaxRM Remote Command Line on a domain controller (or maybe another domain-joined machine), you can check the status of an account and, if necessary, unlock it as follows:

net user <UserName> /DOMAIN | FIND /I “Account Active”

net user <UserName> /active:yes

Account unlock 1

Account unlock 2

Account unlock 3

Source:  this Spiceworks thread. Here is a Net User command reference.


Track IP History and Alert on Change

Mark Berry March 31, 2016

I wanted to know how often dynamic IP addresses change, and be alerted when they do. In fact, some colleagues have reported that even “static” IPs are sometimes changed without warning, so this script would address that as well.


Log Off from MaxRM Remote Background

Mark Berry March 5, 2016

If you need to log a user off of a PC but don’t have remote desktop access to the machine, you can do this from a MaxRM Remote Background window:

query user
logoff <session id>
query user


Run Downloaded PowerShell Scripts

Mark Berry February 17, 2016

If you downloaded a PowerShell scripts, for example as part of a .zip file, you may see the message

[Script name] is not digitally signed. The script will not execute on the system. For more information, see about_Execution_Policies at

This happens even if you follow the suggestion in my earlier post to

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

What gives?


Update TeamViewer ID in MaxFocus Remote Management

Mark Berry December 19, 2015

On one machine running TeamViewer (not Take Control), the TeamViewer ID changed. Not sure why but it may have to do with having installed a new network card in the machine.


Script Timing Out in MaxFocus Remote Management

Mark Berry December 18, 2015

Sometimes a script times out because it really is trying to do more than is possible in the time allowed. But what if a script runs fine in the command shell, finishing in just a few seconds, but it times out in MaxFocus even when given five or fifteen minutes?



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